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The products designed here at Fwootpot Ceramics can be described as "a little bit different", but, I do also make some run of the mill stuff that can be bought for your granny on her birthday!

The Baby Face pieces are an ever changing and evolving line that I have been developing over the last 10 years or so, I probably won't run out of love for their little chubby cheeks any time soon but lately I have been involving some other textures and a slightly larger, slightly more bland face to the pots/bowls.  I have yet to fully explore the possibilities of the resuscitation mask and its prominent nose, so watch this space!!

From Floating heads (ears optional but preferred!) to lively Gang Members in their various colours, free standing bunny heads, framed goodies, mirrors, awards ("and the winner is") and bowls aplenty to keep your plants or fwoot safe and sound, its all here...If there is something you don't see but feel you can't live without then please contact me and i'm sure I can make your ceramic needs and wants come to life.

All the glorious pictures are taken by Gina Rayment @ GinaR photography..(shes great!)

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