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The products designed here at Fwootpot Ceramics can be described as "a little bit different", but, I do also make some run of the mill stuff that can be bought for your granny on her birthday!

The Baby Face pieces are an ever changing and evolving line that I have been developing over the last 10 years or so, I probably won't run out of love for their little chubby cheeks any time soon but lately I have been involving some other textures and a slightly larger, slightly more bland face to the pots/bowls.  I have yet to fully explore the possibilities of the resuscitation mask and its prominent nose, so watch this space!!

The day to day ceramics involve a range of coasters that I have honed down to 6 regular ones and  a feature coaster once in a while.  If you don't see one that you like,  I will make one that you do, this could be to mark a special occasion (birthdays or weddings) or just a particular image or remark.  Email me with your ideas/requests. 

The Dangly range has several animal figures, foxy's and norse's being the most popular but also includes skinny fish, whales, sheep, cats and dogs. These too are a fluid entity and will come and go depending on how much I feel like making them and how much time I have!

I also make a selection of  framed images, hedgepigs, buttons and badges (some for larger events like Sesh music festival).


Small, shiny hearts, especially for the one you love...


For the dog lover in your life.

Foxy framed

Foxy in a boxy frame.